Towards the third industrial revolution


Towards the third industrial revolution

Since the disaster of Fukushima occurred, putting on its knees one of the most technologically advanced country in the world and shaking all the certainties we have been given by technology, every country is trying to find a new approach not only to keep our planet cleaned, but also for giving fresh air to its own economy, adapting it to a modern lifestyle.

Jeremy Rifkin, the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, analyzed all these aspects in his numerous bestsellers on how Science and Technology can change our economy. In His latest work, he explained that we are approaching to “The third industrial revolution”, choosing to invest enormous resources in the distribution of renewable energy.

UK (with Scotland in the frontline) and Germany are the two European leading countries of this sector, using solar photovoltaics, wind or hydro energy and plant biomass. They are gradually implementing their technology, in order to produce renewable energy, instead of using nuclear power, but trying also to transform every infrastructure in a self-sufficient system that uses and produces its own energy.

Those ideas of respecting environment have been gradually spread out thanks to the generational change, completely renewing our planet.

Rifkin’s opinion about Italy could be one of the leading countries, together with Germany, towards this great change, but before it should solve its problems related to tax evasion.


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