USA and China’s Great Deal

USA and China’s Great Deal

Five days ago, the US President Barack Obama and the Chinese president Xi Jinping ratified the deal on Climate change agreement. This significant step has been hailed by B. Obama as the “moment we decided to save our planet”.

The two colossuses of the entire world economy, both leftover from Kyoto Protocol, produce every year on their own 44% of global emissions. That is why this measure is so important and it is considered a historic change of the USA that committed themselves to reducing 26-28% of emissions levels by 2025 towards their levels in 2005. This commitment is so far high-flying because the US should double their efforts compared with what they did between 2005 and 2015, and B. Obama or the future US president will probably have to pursue an intensive and offensive policy, encouraging further cuts and investments on renewable energy.

China’s project is as well really ambitious and effortful. Mr. Xi Jinping promised to peak emissions by 2030 and several increases of 20% on the use of non-fossil energy.

Many experts announced the event as the moment when more countries “work together to address a global change” but this must be just the very beginning of a new era.

The accord that bring together the two biggest world’s emissions producers

The accord that brings together the two biggest world’s emissions producers








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